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The Mayor, Mr. Maurizio Brucchi, Vice Mayor City of Teramo

He welcomed the MICROPOL group to Teramo. The City of Teramo is very interested in the MICROPOL project because it deals with topics of special concern for the area ; Rural development, (...)

Alessandro Perfetti, City of Teramo

Overview on the Italian legislation in the field of telework and the implementations in terms of promotion and communication strategies There is a general lack of legislation on telework. It was (...)

Maria Ceci, INAIL (National Institute for Insurance against Accidents at Work)

Best practices within Public Administration INAIL was one of the first institutions to fully implement the telework agreement and thereby the institution has already some experience on telework. (...)

Salvator Florimbi, Manager of Chamber of Commerce of Teramo

Rebalancing the local territory, demographic and employment dynamics within the Province of Teramo. Some working hypothesis. The Chamber of Commerce is a public body supporting the business (...)

Giammaria De Paulis, Vice-President of Young Entrepreneurs of Confindustria Teramo (Union of Industrials)

Good practices of Confidustria in the field of communication, new economy and ICT Telework seems old-fashion compared to new technology. We are no longer afraid of working with partners far (...)


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