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French rural telecentre Micropol SWC Governance BP

The Lormes and Murat Tele or Smart Work Centres are both public sector driven initiatives, initiated by the association of town/village councils of the District of Nivernais Morvan (where Lormes (...)

Murat + Lormes France SWC Communication Strategies

Since 2003, thanks to innovative initiatives such as the digital passport for all, the Nivernais Morvan district was one of the first territories to take advantage of Information and (...)

Télécentre de l’Orne NOMADE 100

Xavier De Mazenot, creator of the website www.zevillage.net and deputy-chair of the national SWC network talk about the SWC strategy of the county Orne in the region of Normandy ; it is based (...)

Télécentre de Murat - Auvergne

The Murat district telework centre was set up in the heart of the Auvergne's regional volcano natural park, at an important economic crossroads in the Cantal department. Self employed or employed (...)

Télécentre de Lormes - Bourgogne

The first Smart Work Centre ”Portes du Morvan”opened in September 2008. It is situated in the town of Lormes in the North/East of the department of the Nievre, in the middle of France. An (...)

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