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De Drentse Zaak SWC

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DDZ gives starting entrepeneurs “ 7 s-ses” :save, silence, supporting, social, sustainable, society, serviceable work space.

The offices were established in 2011 and are basicly small, but modular and simply chance to a larger office, so an entrepreneur can start his/her business. Also the entrepreneur can choose working in a larger room with other entrepeneurs.The DDZ has a lounge room with a coffee corner, eatcounter, large tables with newspapers and other lecture. Finally there is a bar for ‘entrepeneur meetings’, an exceptionally good moment for networking and social contacts. The building offers meeting rooms and cleaning service ; outside there is parking for bikes and cars with no problem, while it’s near the city centre of Assen. Assen is the capital of the province of Drenthe.

To understand more about this Dutch Good Practice download the pdf

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