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In Denmark there is often very poor network connection in rural areas due to the fact that it is owned by private companies, who cannot generate a profit outside the big cities. Instead there are local antenna associations which are rather expensive and have a poor delivery . In North Denmark Region there is a rural village called Tranum. In this village they were not willing to pay the high prices to the antenna associations and terminated the subscription. At first a public procurement was tested – but there were no bids. The Village Councilor and the municipality (Jammerbugt Kommune) now to ok the initiative to invite a high speed fiber broadband company into a partnership to implement a gigabit digitization project in Tranum.

The project is called ‘Digital Tranum’ and measured at internet speed it makes Tranum the fastest village in Europe (maybe in the world) with an internet speed at a rate up to 1 Gigabit/sec. This overtakes Google’s highly publicized gigabit project in Kansas City, which is not finished until 2014.

There is no similar approach in Denmark. It is a pure local initiative. The municipality paid 60% of the costs of placing the fiber in the entire village. The broadband - company paid the rest and is now in a position of making a business by also offering TV etc. to the citizens. But it is still offered at a much cheaper price than the former antenna association.

Each cable consists of 100 optical fibers. The municipality owns the 4 (which is enough to supply the whole village) and the broadband company owns the remaining 96 optical fibers and may try and make a business out of this.

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