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Northumberland County Council

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Northumberland County Council serves a rural County in the far north of England, rich in heritage and environmental assets. The Council delivers services encompassing schools, social services for adults and children, waste and highways management plus regulatory activities such as planning and consumer protection. We have 67 elected councillors and over 12,000 staff serving a population of 312,000 at a density of 62 people per km2 .
Over half of the population lives in 3% of the land to the south bordering Newcastle and many people travel there to work. For the remainder of the county job prospects are more limited and economic development has focused on the market towns where most services are delivered. Our economic aims at present are to develop low carbon economic growth which is sustainable in the long term and includes more employment in key sectors such as tourism, advanced manufacturing, renewable energy and pharmaceuticals.
We also need to tackle unemployment in rural and former coalfield areas, improve access to training and skills services, especially for our graduates who are not returning after higher education. Finally we are focussed upon developing a more enterprising culture amongst our population.

General information

Northumberland County Council
County Hall,
NE61 2EF


- Kevin Higgins
Lead Officer
Phone landline : +44 1670 622802
Mobile : +44 7786020787
e-mail : kevin.higgins@northumberland.gov.uk

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