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Tuesday 11 September : Study cases and best French practice (Workshop with video link at the chambers of the ‘Agglomeration de Nevers’ )|<| |9H00 - 9H15|Welcome| |9H15 - 10H45|Cécilia Durieu, Associate Director of GreenWorking : Presentation of a study on Smart Work Centres in France
(May 2012) produced for the French Ministry of Industry, Energy and the Digital Economy (with discussions,
questions and analysis http://www.greenworking.fr) | |11H00 - 12H30|Study case : Stéphane CHALIER ’Chargé de l’accueil d’actifs et du télétravail
’Murat Center (Presentation in situ and via Video-Link)
from the Auvergne region :
http://www.paysdemurat.fr/telework/... | |12H30 - 13H30|Buffet lunch (in situ) and press conference| |13H45 - 14H45|What’s happening in Burgundy & the Nièvre presentation of regional development plans for Smart Work Centres| |14h45 - 16H15|Case Story : SOHO SOLO (from the Midi-Pyrenees region) Video www.soho-solo-gers.com/en/in...
Nomade 100 (from the region of Normandy) in Video link http://www.zevillage.net/2011/05/17...
- RESULTS of FOUR YEARS’ ACTIVITY| |16H15 - 16H30|Pause| |16H30 - 17H15|Facilitated round table with expert resource people| |17H15 - 18H15|Presentation of new Micropol Component3 structure with round table discussions and conclusions| |19H00|Visit to Sancerre (wine cellars) + meal in family restaurant http://www.tourisme-sancerre.com | |12 September : Visit to Lormes Teleworking Centre (Nièvre) |<| |8H30 - 9H45|Coach journey to Lormes with background to the area and the Centre
http://numerique.nivernaismorvan.ne... | |10H00 - 10H30|Welcome Micropol group| |10H30 - 11h30|Presentation of the background + operation of the Lormes Centre Q&A| |11H30 - 12H00|Guided visit of the Centre Q&A| |12H30 - 14H00|Buffet lunch with teleworkers, staff and local stakeholders| |14H00 - 18H30|Micropol partnership meeting (Town Hall of Lormes)
Presentation of Good practices from UK, DK, ES, LV and FR (So far)
Questions and debate
Workshop in groups
Collection in plenum|

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