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Province of Drenthe

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The province of Drenthe is one of the northernmost provinces in the Netherlands, and of the most active in terms of European Cooperation.

In addition to our involvement in Micropol, at the moment (2013) we are setting our priorities on the projects ’Green Sustainable Airports’ (GSA) and ’iAge:e-inclusion in ageing Europe’, for which we are ’Lead Partner’. GSA’s main goal is to proactively develop appropriate responses and solutions for the negative impacts resulting from rising air traffic volumes (environmental issues, cost on society), together with partners from all countries participating in the North Sea Region InterregIVB Programme. iAge focuses on the improvement of regional development in areas of decline affected by an ageing population. This project promotes the use of ICT to combat social exclusion, improve employment opportunities, quality of life and community participation

Other projects’ themes include Sustainable Energy Planning (North Sea SEP) and innovation in spatial and urban development ; water management and technological solutions to climate change for farmers (Aquarius) ; environmental and socio-economic related issues


Role in organisation : Projectmanager and coördinator rural development in the South east of the province
Role in Micropol Project : As secretary of the LAG South East Drenthe I am the manager of this project.

In my region we have had several ideas to adapt to the new way of working, so to prevent an outflow of home working people who have an small company and now mostly working without having an office.

The number of inhabitants is n’t growing anymore. Instead there is becoming an less number of inhabitants in the region, Fewer children are born, so we will try to get the region attractive to young families and then is an good working place one of the needed facilities. Until now we have not done enough to develop that kind of possibilities and this project give us the possibility’s to work on it. We will learn from the others partners how to do it in a successful way.

- Deidre Buist
Role in organisation : I’m currently working as EU Senior Project Officer for the province of Drenthe, with an expanding team, on several international projects in the North Sea Region as part of the Interreg IVB Programme.
Role in Micropol Project : I’m responsible for project PR, internal and external communication (regional, national and international), building and expanding our network of experts and entrepreneurs, and the organization of meetings and seminars, conferences etc.

Having followed degree studies in Art History and Communication (Translator Dutch and English), I have a broad network of graphic designers, website developers, copywriters, translators and editors.

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Provincie Drenthe
Postbus 122
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- Gerard Meijers
Phone landline : +31592365769
Mobile : +31653758506
e-mail : g.meijers@drenthe.nl

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