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Télécentre de l’Orne NOMADE 100

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Xavier De Mazenot, creator of the website www.zevillage.net and deputy-chair of the national SWC network talk about the SWC strategy of the county Orne in the region of Normandy ; it is based around a strategy to ensure that new (tele) workers are given the support they need and are fully integrated into the local community.

NOMADE 100 is a strategic policy to welcome newcomers. It has been quite successful, in Normandy, mainly because they studied and learnt from other areas such as the GERS with the SOHO SOLO project. The county of Orne is very rural, but it is only 2H30 hours from Paris, so it’s possible to do a return journey by car in a day which is a big advantage in business. However, the road network is quite poor and the region has difficulties to get High Speed broadband connection. However excellent Wimax connexions have been put into operation.

Orne is a small county with low population density and a lot of rural activities. It offers cheap housing and nice surroundings. It is a popular tourist area.

Zevillage.net is a not-for-profit network to integrate and welcome newcomers and the association managed in 2004 to attract 6 ‘smart worker’ families. It then contacted the county council and offered to create a strategic policy for the county. An infrastructure was developed , with high speed network and training premises called NOMADE 100.

NOMADE 100 started 2 years ago and aimed to support the setting up of 10 SWC in the county within a 3 year period, with a total budget of 100 000 Euros maximum per Smart Work Centre to finance infrastructure. Today, in 2012, 5 are open, 4 under construction.

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